MIDI on Mac, WTF (Updated)

Scribbletunes just scribbled my afternoon… I’m using the Scribbletune MIDI package on NodeJS for a sweet new personal project.  It makes .mid files.  I tried playing one.  On Mac OS X.  It didn’t work. I tried it in Quicktime (suggested by the OS).  It couldn’t read the file. I tried VLC Media Player.  It couldn’t […]

Anatomy of an Ad-based Clickjacker

UPDATE: it looks like this issue in Safari on iOS (see below) may have been addressed by release 10.3. Cool. So I was browsing a super cool website the other day (rollcall dot com) in Safari on an iPhone and all of the sudden this happens: Excuse me? Then I noticed the browser location was […]

한글 Random Sentence Generator

Updated! Click here. Here’s my very first pass at a random sentence generator in Korean.  It’s pretty bad, but gotta start somewhere.  Here’s a gist. This is all of the code so far (caveats and limitations are commented in-line): UPDATE! So I spent some time researching this issue of getting the unicode Hangul Jamo characters […]